The new book from author Judith Biggie has just been released: “If It Wasn’t For God”! Word is out that this book will be used as an actual curriculum for homeschooling, pre-school, classrooms or in the mission field. It is also a good source for VBS. Order now as you plan your seasonal teaching schedules. Use just one poem with a theme for a quick lesson plan, or use all 10 poems as a teaching series.

Or read it one-on-one! Cuddle up in your favorite chair with your special child and let them listen (or read together) the messages of each poem while sharing God’s love together!

Also, it’s a great book to give as a gift! Surprise children, families and friends, new parents or grandparents with the hardcover version of the book that includes a gift page you can personalize. It’s a great gift idea for birthdays, holidays or any special celebration. If It Wasn’t for God is a treasured gift that’s a joy to give and fun to receive!


Take a look inside “If It Wasn’t For God” by downloading a free preview.

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Theme Descriptions

Just a taste of the content of the poetry, without giving away the “punch line”!  By using excerpts from some of the poems, you can see how children are able to understand the contrast between Fun/Entertaining and Serious/Purposeful.

“We may not see hands on everything.
Do you see them on lions or llamas?”
Along with the thought of lions and llamas having hands,
a serious image of purpose is revealed:
“God gives us hands for so many reasons,
to love and to serve him each day.”

“Some feet are dirty and need to be washed,
Because we went barefoot outside.”
Children can relate to the fun of going outside without shoes.
Then it is followed by a statement of purpose and
a serious reason of why God gave us feet:
“So let your feet take you wherever God leads,
To someone who never has heard.”


Just in Case:
“There is no fiery dragon
Who is sneaking up the stairs.”
Some scary images but fun just the same, can be imagined.
And the prayer speaks of the serious nature:
“Help me to remember…You are always near.”

Pretend and Make Believe:
“Pretending to be somebody you’re not
Is something that’s quite fun to do.”
So many entertaining images can come to a child’s mind.
But the reality that God made us who we are is confirmed:
“He knit you together and fit you together
And that makes you special, you know!

If It Wasn’t For God:
Birds flying high in a big bright blue sky”
“Rainbows and flowers in summer and spring.”
“All of the fun times with family and friends.”
There are so many happy images that can be pictured in this poem.
But the serious message comes through as a question:
“If it wasn’t for God, would something be missing?”


A portion of the proceeds from sales of “If It Wasn’t For God” are donated to Operation Christmas Child for their Shoebox campaign and The Greatest Journey program.