If It Wasn’t for God, would something be missing?
Mountains for climbing or oceans to swim?
Birds flying high in a big bright blue sky?
Where would they be if it wasn’t for Him?

Children learn about so many things that would be missing If It Wasn’t for God. They see that we wouldn’t have all the wonderful things in Creation, and what about family and friends? Would we be missing them also? What about the gift of Jesus and his salvation? They also find out, If It Wasn’t for God… we would actually be missing them too!

But, there’s so much more for them to discover in addition to all the gifts that God has given us. There are many colorful illustrations created by children in the design. This is not a book that just tells Bible stories in children’s language like so many you find these days. Each of the 10 poems has a theme that addresses situations that they can recognize and asks questions that encourage them to want to find the answers, much like a “how-to” book:

  • How do we learn to forgive others?
  • How can we tell others about Jesus?
  • How do we get through times when we are afraid?
  • How can we help others?
  • How do we know what’s true?
  • How do we pray for others?
  • How do we obey God and our parents?
  • How do we apply the fruit of the Spirit to our lives?

Available in hardcover or paperback from: Amazon, Barnes and Noble.


A portion of the proceeds from sales of “If It Wasn’t For God” are donated to Operation Christmas Child for their Shoebox campaign and The Greatest Journey program.

This is not just your ordinary book of poetry!

After each poem, the theme is completed with a brief prayer and a short section entitled “What Does the Bible Say?”  This is where they discover that what they have just heard through poetry is actually what God’s Word says about that very subject! It’s all connected to help them discover Christian concepts through poetry, prayers and passages.


But that’s not all… there is an opportunity for parents, grandparents and teachers to go even deeper to expand each theme even more. By downloading the collection of Teaching Tips and Tools, you will find a suggested lesson plan for each of the 10 poems that include a Question Time and an Activity Time to use at home, in the classroom and in a church setting.  Not only are these sessions entertaining, but they provide a way for the children to understand the particular concept they have discovered through the poetry and portions of God’s Word.

Download Teaching Tips and Tools here!